Thursday, April 30, 2009

Logan 8 Months old!!!

He tries so hard...haha not to much, there's more resting here than trying.

*What you don't see if 15 seconds after the video stopped he spit up all over the carpet in a massive puddle. I cropped it out of the video, yup send me your thanks for that!..

He is getting super cute and super big.. I wish I could have kept him smaller but have him do all that he's doing because he's getting heavy to cart around.


Look Mommy & Daddy I can read!


Hah, fooled you, I can't read, are you nuts??!


I wonder how much of this book I can get in my mouth! Photobucket

Look at this little sprout.. Photobucket Photobucket

Best Smile caught on camera yet! Photobucket Photobucket

Sitting up with Mommy's help Photobucket

Look how cute I am.. annnnd.. Photobucket

Tada, I can do it by myself mommy!! And finnally here's a video of him laughing.. My mom bought this train book and it lights up.. its adorable.. and for some reason it hit his funny bone!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Logan is so big!

I am trying very hard to get myself addicted to blogging. Mostly I like reading other people's blogs. I sorta get sad that I didn't thing about doing this when Logan was born and going through everything. I would have been nice to read back through later on and see exactly how I was feeling. That 8 weeks in the NICU felt like 6 years. It was emotionally, physically, and mentally draining. That being said I love that I have my little boy. Last night he was sleeping on my chest in bed and I looked at Chip and I wanted to cry. I said remember when I used to do this in the hospital and he barely was longer than from my neck to the bottom of my chest. Now he's from the bottom of my next to my zipper on my pants almost (I do have a short top part, whatever that is called, i can't think at the moment). He is huge compared to my little 2lb baby. Its so weird to see him grow so big after being so small.

My biggest worry at the moment is his next appointment w/Iowa City. Since they've taken him on the oxygen he hasn't gained any weight, but he hasn't lost any either. But he hasn't gotten any taller (which could just be how he's going to grow). When premie's are taken off the oxygen it could stunt their growth because they may be working hard at times to breath. His monitor, just recently, has gone off about 3 nights in a row. Each time I checked him after the alarm the monitor belt wasn't secured as correct as it could be because he wiggles so much, but the monitor said he stopped breathing not that the belt wasn't secure. And it did this more than once each night. So i'm not sure if it was because it was loose or it was an actual alarm. When it goes off I wake up immediately since I'm such a light sleeper and I stay in bed and count the beeps. When I get to 10 beeps I sit up. When it gets to 15 I stimulate him. It got to 15 a few times and I stimulated him and it stops and it resumed regular breathing. He just hasn't outgrown the apnea fully yet. I know I worry way too much, I can't help it! It is who I am. No one but Chip and I really understand how scary it was and still is w/Logan and his breathing. Everyone assumes it is fine but again at any point it could change still. That is why it is very important he gets his synagis shot (which prevents or helps reduce the severity of RSV for more info visit ). It has been an ongoing thing with us to get this shot. The first 2 shots after he was home from the hopsital cost us out of pocket 480.00 each. Then my insurance company changed from united healthcare of rivervalley. The associate there got my co-pay lowered from the 5-700 that it would have been to 80.00 and i don' t have to pay it upfront, which is nice. He also got approved for the 6th shot which most insurance companies won't approve. He will get that on thursday from the visiting nurse.

I got to leave work early at 1:45pm. Hah I love leaving early but I'm not getting paid so that is suck-y. So I'm home earlier than normal and get more stuff done. Since the nurse is coming on Wednesday I want to have the house cleaned up and changed around between tonight and tomorrow. I also wanna re-clean the living room carpet because its got a few spots on it. Its so light it shows EVERYTHING. And I am quite clumsy.

Right now Logan is playing in his jumperoo near the kitchen because I plan to head that way as soon as I'm done with this post. We went to the grocery store together and he rode in the cart. It was a little scary for him I think once he figured out that if he wasn't holding on he would fall backward.

Isn't he Adorable??? For his 1yr birthday I am going to do a long post of birth to current with pictures and everything, I am going to start the project pretty soon because I am sure it will take me a Long, long, long time to finish it ecspecially when his 1st pictures were not put in the computer, they have to be scanned on, and I'll have to find someone with a scanner. I won't post every picture I ever took just milestones from the year. I dunno I might make it into a video thingy If I can figure out how to do it. I have a few videos of him that I'd like to post but It takes so long for them to upload. bah.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Back in my pj's

I got off work early today at 12:30pm so I went and picked Logan up from Chip's moms house. I got home and immediately put my pajamas back on and decided I would blog. Right now Logan is happily and unhappily playing beside me on the couch. He is so bi-polar (joking) sometimes.. He'll be smiling and talking, then start crying, then go back to smiling and talking. I tried putting him on his tummy but he hates it and wants to lay on his back and kick me with his feet. Or he starts crying, I look at him, he stops, I look away, he starts crying again. lol Its a ''game'' we play.

While I was at work I was back reading all of the blogs about the pregnancy and birth of Maddie at Maddie was a premature baby like Logan, but she had a harder life with her health problems and passed away on April 7th. It is very sad and makes me very grateful that Logan didn't have any more problems then needing to be on oxygen for 6 months after birth. With that being said even though he's ok right now at any point he could regress so sometimes its very overwhelming and stressful to think about. Since premie's don't have the antibodies to fight off infection like regular babies it could be a disaster if he got sick. I try not to think about it and think positively but sometimes when we read stuff like what happened to that sweet little girl its hard for it not to be brought to our attention.

Lately Logan has finnally gotten joy from jumping in his jumperoo. He looks like a lepracaun doing an Irish dance, it is so cute and funny. We could not stop laughing while watching him.
I will post a video of him jumping as soon as it will load into photo bucket so I can put the URL here..

This morning I went to get ready for work at about 5am and Logan was wide away in his crib up on his elbows looking around.. I don't know what he was doing. He was huddled under the covers because it was cold in the house since I refuse to run the furnace now. I want to get our outrageous gas/electric bill caught up from the winter because this house doesn't have good insulation or new energy effecient equipment so basically, it sucks! So yep, its chilly in our house. Its so cold and rainy today, I was hoping for nicer weather. I dunno why I'd probaly still be in the house anyway as I need to do some cleaning. The cleaning duties never go away :(. And they'll just get worse w/kids.

Long time, no post.

So I thought I would try this again, I haven't been very good at blogging mostly because I don't think anyone is reading this other than Heather, but hey you never know. There are so many blogs out there now, its the IN thing to do. haha.