Monday, April 20, 2009

Back in my pj's

I got off work early today at 12:30pm so I went and picked Logan up from Chip's moms house. I got home and immediately put my pajamas back on and decided I would blog. Right now Logan is happily and unhappily playing beside me on the couch. He is so bi-polar (joking) sometimes.. He'll be smiling and talking, then start crying, then go back to smiling and talking. I tried putting him on his tummy but he hates it and wants to lay on his back and kick me with his feet. Or he starts crying, I look at him, he stops, I look away, he starts crying again. lol Its a ''game'' we play.

While I was at work I was back reading all of the blogs about the pregnancy and birth of Maddie at Maddie was a premature baby like Logan, but she had a harder life with her health problems and passed away on April 7th. It is very sad and makes me very grateful that Logan didn't have any more problems then needing to be on oxygen for 6 months after birth. With that being said even though he's ok right now at any point he could regress so sometimes its very overwhelming and stressful to think about. Since premie's don't have the antibodies to fight off infection like regular babies it could be a disaster if he got sick. I try not to think about it and think positively but sometimes when we read stuff like what happened to that sweet little girl its hard for it not to be brought to our attention.

Lately Logan has finnally gotten joy from jumping in his jumperoo. He looks like a lepracaun doing an Irish dance, it is so cute and funny. We could not stop laughing while watching him.
I will post a video of him jumping as soon as it will load into photo bucket so I can put the URL here..

This morning I went to get ready for work at about 5am and Logan was wide away in his crib up on his elbows looking around.. I don't know what he was doing. He was huddled under the covers because it was cold in the house since I refuse to run the furnace now. I want to get our outrageous gas/electric bill caught up from the winter because this house doesn't have good insulation or new energy effecient equipment so basically, it sucks! So yep, its chilly in our house. Its so cold and rainy today, I was hoping for nicer weather. I dunno why I'd probaly still be in the house anyway as I need to do some cleaning. The cleaning duties never go away :(. And they'll just get worse w/kids.

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