Thursday, May 28, 2009

Logan 9 months.. Can you beleive it???

I really can't beleive my little boy is growing up so quickly, part of me wants him to remain little the other part is excited he's doing more and more. He's had a lot of firsts just in the last month. First time with eating bisquits, Mum mum's, and gerber puffs. First solid foods ( I gave him very tiny peices of sausage and he loved them). He now smiles so easily all the time, and even for the camera lately. Before then it was a lot of trying to get him to smile all he would do was look at the camera (thinking ooo shiny object). He's now grabbing for everything placed close to him like my hair, the place cards on the lady's desk at the bank, my computer right now. He holds his own bottle most of the time, feeding himself. Today for the first time he reached out for me to pick him up. This was a good month.

This is my living room, completely transformed into what I refer to as Logan-mania.. He has all these toys and yet I still find him trying to chew on the tail of the giraffe boppy.. Lol I mean its constant. He just can't help but be weird.

Seriously, can you see all that hair?

Look at all those rolls, he is so chunky and cute!

So I had him trying to eat the puffs, I figure if I put like 20 million in front of him the chances of him getting a couple to his mouth are good, and he finnally did. He got a few stuck to his face and then mommy (being the evil person she is with a wicked sense of humor) stuck a bunch more to his face..
Mommy what are you taking pictures of, I don't get it.
Oh, I have puffs stuck to my face!

This is one of my favorite pictures so far. He looks like he's up to something, while looking absolutely adorable. Maybe only I can see the up to something look because I actually know he was up to something. He was chewing on the ear of the lamb in his swing. Hence the next picture.
Hah.. caught you in action.
He absolutely enjoyed himself in the pool. He would kick and kick his legs and wave his arms around. It was adorable!
lol Sunbathing

Having fun on the floor.

My First time in a hotel room overnight and out of town. He loves Daddy kisses almost as much as mommy kisses, almost but we all know mommy kisses are better!
I heart this picture, its shows love between Logan and his Daddy.

I think in this picture he just realized I had been taking pictures.

It didn't seem to bother him much.
Another first for the month, he has discovered his feet and plays with them allllll the time!
Logan and Daddy at Tiffany's wedding

I like this picture even though logan doesn't look very happy in it.
Of course he smiles with mommy. :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

oh sweet, sweet air

Air conditioning. I love thee! Let me count the ways.. haha ok no I am not going to count the ways but let me just say this. I would be a puddle on the floor if it weren't for the air conditioner we installed today.

Logan seems to like it too since he's passed out in his swing with his mouth open. Or that could be that his nose is still stuffy and he can't breath no matter how many times I suck the buggers out.

I feel like I should be in a pool. I want to buy a house with a pool, or move to a beach. I love beaches.

I am done rambling, kthanksbye

Puff Time

So the last few days (since saturday or sunday) I have had this pain in my neck. It is localized to one point on the front side of my neck. Its not a sore throat as it doesn't hurt to swallow. It is really weird. I didn't go to work yesterday, and I tried to get into my dr's office. I couldn't get an appt so I waited for Chip to get home from work and he told me to the hospital. They didn't do anything, It was the biggest waste of time. They thing I strained it somehow and prescribed me a muscle relaxer and told me to take Ibprofen. It does feel better with Ibprofen in my system but I think it is something more serious than a sprain because it doesn't hurt on the muscle in my neck but beside it. I mean who knows but only time will tell because if it doesn't get better (which means I have to suffer longer) then I will have to have them do more tests. I am tried of having these things happen to me. I mean I already am on 5 medications and I carry them all around with me because I have to take different ones at different times of the day, I feel like an old person. I need a pill sorter (heather said she's going to buy me one). I just wish things would turn around for me. I want to have another baby and at this rate when we're ready to try I won't be able to health wise.

Tonight we are buying an airconditioner. I can't wait! I can't stand not having any, I really do not sleep well in the heat. Logan doesn't seem to like sweating either! He's been sleeping in just a diaper this whole week.
Lately Logan has taken to sleeping with his stuffed animals.. It is so cute! I think I already posted a picture of this but I can't resist on posting another!

Seriously tell me that is not adorable!

I have been trying to introduce cheerios and puffs, but all he can do it pick them up, he can't get them into his mouth

He does get an A for effort..

Thanks to heather for turning us on to baby Mum Mum's they are less messy than the bisquits though he doesn't seem to like them as much.
Finnally here is a pic of Logan in his new bathtub.. He loves it!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Zoo fun

On Sunday Chip, Logan, my 6 year old nephew Jordan, and I went to the zoo. I actually had a really good time and the walk was really good excercise. We're contemplating buying a season pass, but I can't decide if I'd rather have a season pass to a pool. I really do love swimming. Anyway, at the zoo Logan didn't even know where we were or what we were doing and spent the whole time in the stroller with the sun thing down and then a blanket cover the rest to avoid sun exposure. Mommy forgot the sunblock( bad mommy!! ), but it was also way too hot in direct sun for him. The only time I took him out was to see the giraffes, which he would look at everything but them, I was disappointed! He'll grow into them though. Oh, and he did get out to ride on the train. I tried and tried to get my nephew to ride a pony and he wouldn't. He never wants to do anything he hasn't done before. I don't know how this kid will survive by never trying new things. He's at that age where he wants to do something, like ride the train, then complains the whole time we're on the train or ask questions. "Train is going too slow, why is it going to slow, the train is kinda uncool because it goes slow" So much negativity for someone so young. I kept telling him that I was going to send him to live with the lions, he didn't like this idea much.

Jordan is a handful though. A lot of the times you'll tell him to do something and mostly he will comply. However, he will drive you crazy when he wants something that you don't want to give him. For example. I was sitting on the couch watching tv and he asked me if I wanted to play my nintendo Ds. I said sure but then he wants to sit right on top of me and watch me play. So I took to saying no because I didn't want him in my face and he probably asked me about 15 times. Which is probably habit of all 6 year old I guess, I dunno I've never had a 6 year old.

Trying to see the ducks, or lack of trying lol I can't decide.

So tired from doing nothing in my stroller, I had to take a nap

Jordan and the Elephants ( I told him he could go live with them)

This is a really good picture of him, I think I am going to have it framed.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

House update & more

I think I forgot to update everyone on us buying a house. We pretty much decided to wait on it and then found out the house we wanted sold before we could even look at it so that settled that idea. We're focusing now to get caught up enough to start saving money like crazy we can buy a house in the fall. I really want to get there too..

Today we have to go to Chip's cousing graduation party for her associates degree. Its not very warm out so we will not be able to stay long, plus they're going to be drinking heavier and heavier as the night goes on and I can't drink. Plus Logan doesn't need to be around that.

Then tomorrow we have Church and some major relaxing to do. I am really itching to buy the invitations for Logan's baptism so I can get this going, but my sister hasn't answered me yet on whether she will be able to be there. She is susposed to be in Kuwait that weekend, but she told me that she will try to get it switched w/another weekend, but she hasn't gotten back to me yet. If she can't be there on that date I am going to have to change the date, which will be a hassel because I didn't want to wait until July since it will most likely be hotter. Having him in a long sleeved suit and pantsm is not what I wish for him on a hot day. We'll see though.

Last night I had the oddest dreams. I think it has to do with the conversations that me and the girl at work were having yesterday. We were talking about the islam faith and her sister in law joining a mosque (sp?). Well I had a dream that I was in Iraq and had to wear the Islamic head gear that a woman has to wear (turniq? sp?). And I kept hiding because I thought I was going to get blown up at the restaurant that we were at. It was weird and scary. lol.

Also yesterday Logan had his first biter bisquit. He loved it and got it all over himself. It was cute.

I also bought these self feeder mesh things that look like a pacifier and you put fruit or fresh veggies in it. I put strawberries in it and he sucked and chewed on it until it was dry. He's growing up :(. I don't want him to. Last night I was sitting with my 6 yo nephew on my lap and he feels so big. He's getting tall and he's super boney like my brother was at that age. I told him to stop growing, he told me he couldn't stop it. It makes me sad, seems like just yesterday he was 3 and all cute. Not that he isn't cute now, but you know not little cute. haha whatever. Ok I'm done for the day lol

Friday, May 15, 2009

Good news

Yesterday we made the trip to Iowa city for Logan's dr's appt. (for those of you who do not know he was born there prematurely and has to go back there every now again.) This was another milestone appointment and I am very excited with all the changes. They discontinued his Apnea monitor, they switched him from his premie formula to regular formula, they stopped the baby zantac for his acid reflux, and he doesn't have to take a vitamin anymore. He is exactly where he should be if he were an 8.5 month baby with regards to weight and head size. She said that he is 50% there on developement which is fantastic. He's doing things a regular 6.5 month old baby would not be doing yet. She said that she isn't concerned if he doesn't crawl she just wants him to sit up by himself & walk. I don't think it'll be long before he crawls though because last night I put him on the floor across the room from me and he rolled and scooted until he was at my feet. I kept telling him if he got to me I'd pick him up, all of a sudden I looked down and there we was. Lol he probaly would have been there even if I wouldn't have said I would pick him up.

On wednesday we met with the Priest to schedule Logan's baptism. We went ahead and scheduled it for June 28th. I am very excited!! Here is what he will wear.

He has taken to snuggling with his stuffed animals in bed at night it is super cute!

Here is a blurry picture I took of him yesterday sticking his tongue out. He has been doing this a lot due to teething..

After his dr's appt yesterday we went and hung out with Beth-tastic and her children. She has a 2 yr old and a almost 6 week old. We laid Logan on the floor next to Raelyn (the 6 wk old) and he just stared and stared at her. Then all of a sudden his bottom lip went up and he made his I am scared cry. It was so cute. Then we all went to the mall too look and I was very surprised that she does not have a double stroller. It was hard for her to control a wandering around 2 yr old with the baby in the stroller. So they she put the 2 yr old in the stroller and carried the baby. Finnally she was like, I think we need to go this is to hard. lol I could have told her that before we went. I will be looking for a double stroller for her.

So in conclusion Logan is a happy healthy baby now. If only Mommy could get healthier too. I am so tired of dealing with my blood pressure being high and always taking medicines. All the meds have side effects and Its hard to know what is actually a side effect and what is something else thats wrong with me. Though my cardiologist seems to think that even though I am suffering from a side effect of the medicines that it couldn't possibly be the medicine and I need to see my regular dr.. WTF. I think I need a new cardiologist. I just don't want to may the money to start seeing yet another new dr. It is very frustrating. I stopped drinking pop but because I am swelling all the time its not making much of a difference for a weight loss perspective. And the swelling in my ankles and feet gets so bad its painful so I can't work out. Its a catch 22 and Its driving me insane. Hopefully things will get better. SIGH!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The weekend and updates

This last weekend was amazing. Very very busy but amazing and I haven't had time until now to blog it. Chip and his dad built Logan a swing set and I made food to feed them. Since I was already cooking I invited my parents, my grandparents, Chip's mom, Chip's dad, My sister, and her Fiance Jason. There was 12 of us total and I made Hamburgers, Brats, Beans, Potato Salad, and put out chips n dip. It was delicious. I worked very hard and had help from my mother in law and my mother. It was good to have everyone together without it being a special occasion. I will post some pictures and then I have other news.

Logan's swing set

This is his swing it is a dolphin

Mommy what is this and what is that in your hand?
Hah you're taking my picture... Ok Mommy I'll smile :)
woo i'm swinging

haha this is fun

Logan and Auntie Amber

Logan was so tired from the day he was passed out hard..

seriously look at that hair.. its going to be curly!!

We have some very promising news.. We found a house that we may want to buy. We have to go look at it yet, and I know as I say this my hopes are way up. Its a 2 bedroom 1 bath home and its cute. I think we can get it really cheap too and with the 8k tax incentive its sooo worth it. My mom isn't too happy since we'll be moving 40 minutes away from her but it puts us at like 15 min drive each to work and its right down the road from chips' moms house. We are both really excited. I know if its meant to be it will be. I will keep you posted.
On some rather bad news my mom , who has been having liver problems and they've done every test to find out whats going on was just referred to an oncologist (sp?). So I am very scared about that.
Tomorrow Logan has to get his 6 mon and 9 mon shots all at once since he was sick at his 6 mon visit. Poor little guy... Chip's parents left for vacation today so I'm praying they arrive and get back safely. Tomorrow is also my day off, I am looking forward to it even thought i'm peeing in a bucket for the next 24 hrs for a test my doctor wants me to do. blah..
Happy Wednesday everyone!!