Saturday, May 2, 2009

20 things.. well 25 Happy things!

My list of 20 happy things (hah mine is 25 oops), as seen on

Things that make me happy:

1. My baby playing quietly while we watch a movie, gotta love toys he shoves in his mouth keeps him busy for hours.

2. Iced tea, in a bottle or homemade or at a restaurant with lemon.. mmm

3. When my fiance rubs my feet, it always feels lovely!

4. Clean sheets and pillow cases on the bed.

5. Cold cuddle weather at night.

6. The swingset that is being built for Logan in our backyard on Sunday.

7. Sunday dinners with family, they don't happen that often but I love it when everyone gets together.

8. How Logan acts when I get to Chips mom's house to pick him up. He smiles all big and then jabbers on very fast for about 15 minutes straight in baby jabber than I can't understand but it makes me all warm and happy inside.

9. Fresh tomatoes out of the garden, looking forward to it this year.

10. A banana first thing in the morning.

11. Taking pictures of Logan.

12. Filling up photo albums documenting Logan's journey.

13. Sunshine first thing in the morning, makes me happy!

14. The smell of baby lotion.

15. My flower garden.

16. Emailing Kelly from work.

17. Reading random strangers blobs.. I love reading blogs, just love it. I'm getting better at posting though.

18. Logan's smile.

19. Chinese food.

20. Facebook. I heart you facebook.

21. Wine.

22. Texting anyone and everyone I can..

23. Holding hands with Chip in the car.

24. Fixing dinner every night.

25. Planning my wedding.

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Connie Weiss said...

Great list! You made me remember several that I had forgotten about!