Monday, May 4, 2009

The weekend and updates

This last weekend was amazing. Very very busy but amazing and I haven't had time until now to blog it. Chip and his dad built Logan a swing set and I made food to feed them. Since I was already cooking I invited my parents, my grandparents, Chip's mom, Chip's dad, My sister, and her Fiance Jason. There was 12 of us total and I made Hamburgers, Brats, Beans, Potato Salad, and put out chips n dip. It was delicious. I worked very hard and had help from my mother in law and my mother. It was good to have everyone together without it being a special occasion. I will post some pictures and then I have other news.

Logan's swing set

This is his swing it is a dolphin

Mommy what is this and what is that in your hand?
Hah you're taking my picture... Ok Mommy I'll smile :)
woo i'm swinging

haha this is fun

Logan and Auntie Amber

Logan was so tired from the day he was passed out hard..

seriously look at that hair.. its going to be curly!!

We have some very promising news.. We found a house that we may want to buy. We have to go look at it yet, and I know as I say this my hopes are way up. Its a 2 bedroom 1 bath home and its cute. I think we can get it really cheap too and with the 8k tax incentive its sooo worth it. My mom isn't too happy since we'll be moving 40 minutes away from her but it puts us at like 15 min drive each to work and its right down the road from chips' moms house. We are both really excited. I know if its meant to be it will be. I will keep you posted.
On some rather bad news my mom , who has been having liver problems and they've done every test to find out whats going on was just referred to an oncologist (sp?). So I am very scared about that.
Tomorrow Logan has to get his 6 mon and 9 mon shots all at once since he was sick at his 6 mon visit. Poor little guy... Chip's parents left for vacation today so I'm praying they arrive and get back safely. Tomorrow is also my day off, I am looking forward to it even thought i'm peeing in a bucket for the next 24 hrs for a test my doctor wants me to do. blah..
Happy Wednesday everyone!!

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