Saturday, May 16, 2009

House update & more

I think I forgot to update everyone on us buying a house. We pretty much decided to wait on it and then found out the house we wanted sold before we could even look at it so that settled that idea. We're focusing now to get caught up enough to start saving money like crazy we can buy a house in the fall. I really want to get there too..

Today we have to go to Chip's cousing graduation party for her associates degree. Its not very warm out so we will not be able to stay long, plus they're going to be drinking heavier and heavier as the night goes on and I can't drink. Plus Logan doesn't need to be around that.

Then tomorrow we have Church and some major relaxing to do. I am really itching to buy the invitations for Logan's baptism so I can get this going, but my sister hasn't answered me yet on whether she will be able to be there. She is susposed to be in Kuwait that weekend, but she told me that she will try to get it switched w/another weekend, but she hasn't gotten back to me yet. If she can't be there on that date I am going to have to change the date, which will be a hassel because I didn't want to wait until July since it will most likely be hotter. Having him in a long sleeved suit and pantsm is not what I wish for him on a hot day. We'll see though.

Last night I had the oddest dreams. I think it has to do with the conversations that me and the girl at work were having yesterday. We were talking about the islam faith and her sister in law joining a mosque (sp?). Well I had a dream that I was in Iraq and had to wear the Islamic head gear that a woman has to wear (turniq? sp?). And I kept hiding because I thought I was going to get blown up at the restaurant that we were at. It was weird and scary. lol.

Also yesterday Logan had his first biter bisquit. He loved it and got it all over himself. It was cute.

I also bought these self feeder mesh things that look like a pacifier and you put fruit or fresh veggies in it. I put strawberries in it and he sucked and chewed on it until it was dry. He's growing up :(. I don't want him to. Last night I was sitting with my 6 yo nephew on my lap and he feels so big. He's getting tall and he's super boney like my brother was at that age. I told him to stop growing, he told me he couldn't stop it. It makes me sad, seems like just yesterday he was 3 and all cute. Not that he isn't cute now, but you know not little cute. haha whatever. Ok I'm done for the day lol

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Heather said...

when anyone tells tori to stay little she says she can't too. its cute.

sorry about the house but i'm sure you will find a better when you're ready to buy.

logan is looking pretty greedy with that biter biscuit. both hands holding on. lol.