Thursday, May 28, 2009

Logan 9 months.. Can you beleive it???

I really can't beleive my little boy is growing up so quickly, part of me wants him to remain little the other part is excited he's doing more and more. He's had a lot of firsts just in the last month. First time with eating bisquits, Mum mum's, and gerber puffs. First solid foods ( I gave him very tiny peices of sausage and he loved them). He now smiles so easily all the time, and even for the camera lately. Before then it was a lot of trying to get him to smile all he would do was look at the camera (thinking ooo shiny object). He's now grabbing for everything placed close to him like my hair, the place cards on the lady's desk at the bank, my computer right now. He holds his own bottle most of the time, feeding himself. Today for the first time he reached out for me to pick him up. This was a good month.

This is my living room, completely transformed into what I refer to as Logan-mania.. He has all these toys and yet I still find him trying to chew on the tail of the giraffe boppy.. Lol I mean its constant. He just can't help but be weird.

Seriously, can you see all that hair?

Look at all those rolls, he is so chunky and cute!

So I had him trying to eat the puffs, I figure if I put like 20 million in front of him the chances of him getting a couple to his mouth are good, and he finnally did. He got a few stuck to his face and then mommy (being the evil person she is with a wicked sense of humor) stuck a bunch more to his face..
Mommy what are you taking pictures of, I don't get it.
Oh, I have puffs stuck to my face!

This is one of my favorite pictures so far. He looks like he's up to something, while looking absolutely adorable. Maybe only I can see the up to something look because I actually know he was up to something. He was chewing on the ear of the lamb in his swing. Hence the next picture.
Hah.. caught you in action.
He absolutely enjoyed himself in the pool. He would kick and kick his legs and wave his arms around. It was adorable!
lol Sunbathing

Having fun on the floor.

My First time in a hotel room overnight and out of town. He loves Daddy kisses almost as much as mommy kisses, almost but we all know mommy kisses are better!
I heart this picture, its shows love between Logan and his Daddy.

I think in this picture he just realized I had been taking pictures.

It didn't seem to bother him much.
Another first for the month, he has discovered his feet and plays with them allllll the time!
Logan and Daddy at Tiffany's wedding

I like this picture even though logan doesn't look very happy in it.
Of course he smiles with mommy. :)


Connie Weiss said...

He is soooo adorable! What a sweet baby.

Have a great week!

Krystal said...


You little man is very cute!!!

Nibble that belly and those legs!!!

Jenners said...

What a happy little baby!!! So cute! And your living room will probably remain Logan Central for the next 18 years ... just sayin!