Thursday, May 21, 2009

Puff Time

So the last few days (since saturday or sunday) I have had this pain in my neck. It is localized to one point on the front side of my neck. Its not a sore throat as it doesn't hurt to swallow. It is really weird. I didn't go to work yesterday, and I tried to get into my dr's office. I couldn't get an appt so I waited for Chip to get home from work and he told me to the hospital. They didn't do anything, It was the biggest waste of time. They thing I strained it somehow and prescribed me a muscle relaxer and told me to take Ibprofen. It does feel better with Ibprofen in my system but I think it is something more serious than a sprain because it doesn't hurt on the muscle in my neck but beside it. I mean who knows but only time will tell because if it doesn't get better (which means I have to suffer longer) then I will have to have them do more tests. I am tried of having these things happen to me. I mean I already am on 5 medications and I carry them all around with me because I have to take different ones at different times of the day, I feel like an old person. I need a pill sorter (heather said she's going to buy me one). I just wish things would turn around for me. I want to have another baby and at this rate when we're ready to try I won't be able to health wise.

Tonight we are buying an airconditioner. I can't wait! I can't stand not having any, I really do not sleep well in the heat. Logan doesn't seem to like sweating either! He's been sleeping in just a diaper this whole week.
Lately Logan has taken to sleeping with his stuffed animals.. It is so cute! I think I already posted a picture of this but I can't resist on posting another!

Seriously tell me that is not adorable!

I have been trying to introduce cheerios and puffs, but all he can do it pick them up, he can't get them into his mouth

He does get an A for effort..

Thanks to heather for turning us on to baby Mum Mum's they are less messy than the bisquits though he doesn't seem to like them as much.
Finnally here is a pic of Logan in his new bathtub.. He loves it!


Heather said...

he will get those finger foods down in no time! then you won't be able to eat anything because he will be wanting your food constantly!

Connie Weiss said...

He is soooo adorable!

Sorry about your neck. I've been having an issue with mine for a week and it is just starting to feel better.

Hang in there!