Friday, May 15, 2009

Good news

Yesterday we made the trip to Iowa city for Logan's dr's appt. (for those of you who do not know he was born there prematurely and has to go back there every now again.) This was another milestone appointment and I am very excited with all the changes. They discontinued his Apnea monitor, they switched him from his premie formula to regular formula, they stopped the baby zantac for his acid reflux, and he doesn't have to take a vitamin anymore. He is exactly where he should be if he were an 8.5 month baby with regards to weight and head size. She said that he is 50% there on developement which is fantastic. He's doing things a regular 6.5 month old baby would not be doing yet. She said that she isn't concerned if he doesn't crawl she just wants him to sit up by himself & walk. I don't think it'll be long before he crawls though because last night I put him on the floor across the room from me and he rolled and scooted until he was at my feet. I kept telling him if he got to me I'd pick him up, all of a sudden I looked down and there we was. Lol he probaly would have been there even if I wouldn't have said I would pick him up.

On wednesday we met with the Priest to schedule Logan's baptism. We went ahead and scheduled it for June 28th. I am very excited!! Here is what he will wear.

He has taken to snuggling with his stuffed animals in bed at night it is super cute!

Here is a blurry picture I took of him yesterday sticking his tongue out. He has been doing this a lot due to teething..

After his dr's appt yesterday we went and hung out with Beth-tastic and her children. She has a 2 yr old and a almost 6 week old. We laid Logan on the floor next to Raelyn (the 6 wk old) and he just stared and stared at her. Then all of a sudden his bottom lip went up and he made his I am scared cry. It was so cute. Then we all went to the mall too look and I was very surprised that she does not have a double stroller. It was hard for her to control a wandering around 2 yr old with the baby in the stroller. So they she put the 2 yr old in the stroller and carried the baby. Finnally she was like, I think we need to go this is to hard. lol I could have told her that before we went. I will be looking for a double stroller for her.

So in conclusion Logan is a happy healthy baby now. If only Mommy could get healthier too. I am so tired of dealing with my blood pressure being high and always taking medicines. All the meds have side effects and Its hard to know what is actually a side effect and what is something else thats wrong with me. Though my cardiologist seems to think that even though I am suffering from a side effect of the medicines that it couldn't possibly be the medicine and I need to see my regular dr.. WTF. I think I need a new cardiologist. I just don't want to may the money to start seeing yet another new dr. It is very frustrating. I stopped drinking pop but because I am swelling all the time its not making much of a difference for a weight loss perspective. And the swelling in my ankles and feet gets so bad its painful so I can't work out. Its a catch 22 and Its driving me insane. Hopefully things will get better. SIGH!

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