Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Is winter over yet?

I really love winter, I do. I love snow, its pretty. I hate driving 40 miles in snow or ice to get to work. It takes me longer and I was almost late to work today. And taking logan out when it is snowing or icy when I am already clumsy, I worry about falling and dropping his car seat. That mixed with the fact that OTHER drivers scare me. They are either going way too slow or riding my ass wanting to go 70mph. Seriously. Slow down. I don't like speeders when I have logan in the car or people who ride you. I just want to pull them over and yell at them. :/

Logan was making sounds like he was going to start coo'ing, so I was talking to him encouraging him to..and yeah all he was doing was getting to wear he could start screaming for food. lol. He loves his food, what can I say. He's really close though I think, if he's going to do it at all, maybe he'll just grunt his way through life.....lol

I also have mud all over our carpet from Apria healthcare, they are who deliver the oxygen. He walked in when he got there not thinking about it and dragged mud in the entry way. So I pointed it out to him and put a garbage back down and told him he'd have to go thru the kitchen to get to the tank in the bedroom. I put garbage bags for him and his dolly in the laundry room and in the bedroom. He tracked dirt and mud thru the kitchen and he stepped on the bags in the laundry room but the idiot still got mud all over the bedroom. He was like, sorry its not like I can help it since I have to bring the dolly thru the yard. I was so mud I could barely look or talk to him. I swiffered the kitchen and the dining room. All the while he showed at 12pm when I was not dressed yet, I was getting ready to get in the shower. So I had all this extra cleaning to do before I could get ready and get out the door. gr. My mom called the regional supervisor for Apria and they said its unacceptable that this wasn't address the last time the driver did it when she called his regular supervisor and then he did it again. She told my mom the driver & his supervisor would be reprimanded and we could get the carpets cleaned and they would pay for it. She said that the driver should have booties with him to put over his shoes.

Thats all I have for now. I might add more later. :) Have a nice day.

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Heather said...

grunt his way through life. heh. sorry about your carpets. that is rude. you should have kicked him. you know i would have laid some serious psychological damage if i had been there.... "the bags are RIGHT THERE" dirty scowl. booties. funny. next time laugh at his booties. jk!