Monday, December 8, 2008

The Look of the night! :)

So today my mom calls me at 10:30am and was like.."you need to leave for work super early because the roads are super icy" so I hurry around getting ready quicker than I normally would. I mean I already leave an hour and a half early to take him to Chip's moms. I leave for work and get all the way to chip's moms house and the roads were not bad at all, they must have been earlier but she freaked me out for no real reason. Sigh!

That and I popped a blood vessel in my finger right before I left home. Don't ask me how it happened because I was standing still when it happened. I didn't bumb it on anything. Now my finger is bruised and swollen. And it sucks typing with it. Enough complaining.

I can't beleive how worried I get with driving with Logan in the car, that our house is going to catch on fire, that he's going to stop breathing in the night, that anything will happen. Having children suddenly makes you aware of everything that can go wrong.

Logan didn't sleep very long last night. He went to sleep about 12 and woke up at 4. Chip fed him only an ounce tho and he went back to sleep with Chip on the couch. Then he woke up at 7:30 to eat again, then again at 10:30. He grunts so loud when he's sleeping. We call him the grunt master 5000. lol.

I really don't have much else to say, I really thought I had more but thats all for now.

Logan in his moose outfit today to go to Grandma's..

Full outfit including shoes..

I love shoes for babies..heh

Last night sitting up on the couch he was making funny faces..

He looks likes he's thinking hard!

This look made me laugh!

And I'll leave you with the look of the night..

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Heather said...

and you said he doesn't do anything! those faces are funny! and i worry too. i was never scared of flying until i took t on the plane. i'm constantly hearing things downstairs that i have to go to check to make sure there's no fire or someone didn't break in. its crazy